Who are you doing this for?

Here’s my question for you — who are you on this journey for? Is it yourself? Your kids? Your spouse? Your family? Your dog? Who is the person behind the wheel driving you to your destination? And what is at the end of your destination?

Here are the things I’ve said in the past I’m on my journey for:

This guy —


These goofs —



When I originally got behind the wheel on this fitness, nutrition and coaching business, those 3 were my destination. I wanted to get fit and healthy so my kids could see it’s fun and people need to be active. I wanted to get fit and healthy to help inspire my husband so he would do the same, little did I know he’d surpass me with his own 65+lb weight loss journey. I’ve taken a lot of detours over the past few years, hit a few bumps in the road. I’ve played the blame game, I’ve thrown down excuses like it was my full-time job.

Want to know something? Those three will be at my destination whether I hit my goals or not. They’ll be in the car with me, but they’re not in charge of the direction I’m driving in. I’m in charge. It’s my journey, it’s my destination and in the end, I’m not doing this for the three of them.

I’m doing it for this girl —


I’m doing it for me. It may seem selfish “Oh no, she’s focusing on her!” It’s not selfish. It’s an exciting thing happening within me. I get to help people. I get to help myself. I may not be the most fit person in the world (YET), but I get to do something that I love. I get to help others start their journey and cheer them on wherever they are on their journey. I get to be myself and set my own goals and objectives. I get to be my own boss. I get to see my own successes and learn from bumps in the road. It’s the one thing in my life that is about me.

I do this because…

It makes me happy.

It satisfies my soul.

I’m passionate about it.