Barriers – It’s you.

Last week (on my Facebook page) I mentioned barriers from a Shaun T podcast I listened to. Well, this week I listened to his second new podcast and he discussed barriers and climbing over a wall. I liked his analogy.
It made me think of the Warrior Dash this year, ever obstacle I told Mark “I can’t do that.” Then I’d grab the wall/mud/rope and climb up and over. At one point, Mark said to me “I love it. You will say you’re not doing something and as soon as I reach out a hand to help you’re already on the way down.”
I complained a lot at this years Warrior Dash. Every single obstacle I had a complaint and the first thing out of my mouth was “I’m not doing that.” I hadn’t been running and I hadn’t been doing any strength training workouts either. I felt weak and crappy from the minute I saw the first obstacle until the Bloody Mary I had a couple hours after the race.
This podcast got me to thinking though…
How would I FEEL if I didn’t do ALL the obstacles? 
I know how I felt after I completed every single obstacle. I know how I sounded with the whining and complaining. I hate whiners and complainers and here I was putting myself into the category. BUT – in the end, I finished and I did every obstacle they put in my way. I didn’t walk around it, I didn’t make excuses for them. I may have whined and complained before I got to it, I may have said I’m not doing that but I did it. I DID IT. I climbed a wall, I swam through mud, I jumped over fire, I jumped in a lake and pulled myself up on whatever that thing was, I climbed through a rope tunnel and wondered why the hell did I sign up for this race again? 
ScreenHunter_75 Sep. 22 09.16
It’s the same with workouts. Whatever workout you choose to do. If you’re following one of the Insanity programs, did you quit 5 minutes into it? It doesn’t matter if you wanted to quit, I think even the person in the most awesomeness of shape wants to quit 5 minutes in to jumping hell. Did you quit? Did you decide on day 2 you were done, and then proceeded to get jealous and upset over the other people who continued to the program and saw results? How did this affect you? 
Did you decide you’re going to run a 5k or a half marathon only to quit training because it go too hard?
At the end of the day, you have to do for you. You have to. No one else is going to do it for you. You can walk around the obstacles and choose to look back and see the people who got over the wall or you can climb up the wall yourself and know the struggle people had, if they received help getting over the wall and how they felt when their feet finally touched the ground and the pride they had for themselves for accomplishing a goal.
How do YOU feel when you don’t complete something?
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