A diet change

change steps

Robin Sharma isn’t joking around with that quote. Change… it’s hard to accept and move with when you’re not ready for the change. There are times change is needed, I know it deep inside, but refuse to get out of my own way and do what is needed.

Two weeks ago, I received blood work back showing I have either a sensitivity or allergy towards whey, wheat and casein (dairy). I mean, really… all three? Why all three? It’s like someone is sitting up there going “Look, I’m going to force you to eat meat, vegetables and fruit and only meat, vegetables and fruit. This is what it’s going to take.” Well, thanks.

In two weeks I’ve done more research on what bad foods I can eat because the good foods are pretty easy to figure out – fresh produce and meat. But what about ice cream? And chocolate? What do I turn to when I have a sweet craving and can’t eat my normal dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

It’s a whole new path for me to follow. The morning I saw the results, I immediately made the changes I needed to make. There have been a few times in 2 weeks where I popped something in my mouth and then later realized it had dairy in it — I realized it when 30 minutes later I needed a nap and hadn’t felt that way prior.

I’m still in the first phase of “change” – with it being hard. It’s getting a little bit easier, maybe I’m in the mix of hard and messy, I don’t know. I know I’m trying hard to let go of old habits. I know I also want to take a baseball bat and start swinging at all the food on the shelves. The things I want but can no longer have.

The only thing making this somewhat easy is knowing the results came back high. Whether or not it’s a sensitivity or an allergy, I’ll treat it like an allergy, it’s easier that way. It’s how I treat eating seeds/nuts, I have issues with digesting them, I’m not allergic to them but i treat it as if I am. The thing I keep in mind is the end result of how I feel is not worth the temporary satisfaction of the taste in my mouth.

I’ve said goodbye to a couple items I love the past two weeks.

  1. Beer has been replaced by wine, gluten free beer and gluten free ciders. I’m taking this opportunity to be a gluten free beer taster (on my own accord) and I’ll try anything once.
  2. Chocolate – finding a dairy free, wheat free chocolate is hard. I’ve decided to look instead for treats which are DF/GF, just so I can have a running of list of something to satisfy a sweet craving, but as a few and farther between type of treat.
  3. Bread/Pasta: I think there is GF pasta, but I have to be certain it’s DF too. Bread, I’m determining the value of GF/DF bread is probably not worth the cost. Plus, whatever is on the shelves looks disgusting, and what’s frozen is just too pricey for me.
  4. Cheese… this is when I long for the casein to be more of an “intolerance” than an “allergy.” To take away chocolate and cheese is like a punch in the gut. I tried the DF cheese last week. I also put it in my mouth, and then let it fall out of my mouth onto my desk at work because it was disgusting.

Onward and upward to a new adventure in my quest for a healthy life. Though somewhat forced upon me, it’ll help me be a healthier version of me, as well as be able to instill eating healthy into my children as they grow up. I feel like they get to make out in this too… Pizza night with dad, while mom drinks Shakeology or make chicken and vegetables. Donut trip with dad, while mom eats GF oatmeal.

So if you’re Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free – please leave me some tips in the comments section below. I’ll take any and everything I can get. I’m a sponge of information for this right now.


3 thoughts on “A diet change

    1. I know. And I know it’ll get easier. It’s just been an internal struggling letting go of all the bad things I love. Health wise it’s going to be better for me.


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