Detox It

Man, I really kept up with that daily post on telling everyone how well I was doing during my Round 2 of Month 1 Insanity. Phew… 2 days in and that was it. The reality is, I wanted to keep up, but then every morning when I’d get to my “blog writing time,” I’d sit here and go “Really? is this exciting and inspiring?” There’s a bunch of other people who have already documented their daily walk through of Insanity, why am I trying to re-create the wheel?

So moving along… or fast forward a month later *ugh*

At the beginning of August, I did Dr. Mark Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet. It was awesome. It re-ignited my desire to eat healthier and I’ve pretty much kept up with the same way of eating, minus adding a few things in like coffee and avocado’s and a couple glasses of wine on Friday or Saturday night. The detox eliminates all sugar, dairy, caffeine, soy and alcohol from your diet for 10 days. I lost 8lbs! AND the best part is, I wasn’t starving myself. Yes, I got tired of cooking and eating a salad at lunch everyday. The more I did it, the more I was able to get around the lack of desire to cook. Since I completed it, I’ve kept up with my chicken breast and salad w/ veggies and balsamic vinegar for lunch – except this week. I didn’t hit the grocery Sunday and still haven’t.

My goal is to continue on with this, and get back to following the plan on a more 80/20 or 85/15 level. I honestly do feel good after going through it, and it helps that I see the results on the scale. I know the scale doesn’t always matter, but there are times it does. I think it quits mattering when you’re within your goal body/weight. I’m not there yet.

And even though I haven’t yet moved into Insanity Month 2, I think I’m going to move into Insanity Max:30 instead. I loved Insanity Month 2, but right now, I need to focus on shorter workouts so I can be ready by 7:30 to walk my daughter to her bus stop.


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