Cizing It Up

My August Challenge Group started this week and a handful of us are working our way through Shaun T’s newest program, CIZE. It’s fun, it’s hard and the more I do it, the better I get.

Now, I’m fully aware what is easy to me is not easy to someone else. When I first asked the group which calendar they planned to follow, most said the advanced for 4 weeks. There is a non-advanced calendar where you do the same workout 6 days in a row, then move to the next workout on week 2 for 6 days in a row. While I was busy hoofing it to “You’ve Got This” on Day 2 of the Advanced, I started thinking “Maybe this isn’t the calendar to follow for everyone.” I uploaded my video (the one in this post) to my group and told them to really follow their gut on if they need to repeat day 1 for an entire week so they can get the steps down. This was the 4th or 5th time I’ve done “You’ve Got This” and it was the first time I really had it. I might find next week, when I go into week 2, that I will need to default to the same workout every day, or I may find I can alternate the 2 workouts on the Advanced calendar.

My biggest thing is as long as you are DOING the workouts and following the program you’ll see success. Whether success is weight loss, being able to complete the dance without mistakes, or staying at their pace, or even just going through 4-6 weeks of Cize, you’ve had success. You’re dancing around those sitting on the couch, therefore you’re moving and moving is better than doing nothing.


Summit and Lots of New Things!!!

Beachbody Coach Summit

I’ll start with my experience at Coach Summit and then roll into the new products coming out.

Summit was great – minus the heat and humidity. I was able to see quite a few great speakers, like Chalene Johnson, Top Coach 2013 Lindsay Matway and Top Coach 2014 Melanie Mitro, as well as other fantastic coaches and speakers.

I did a live workout with Shaun T for his new program Cize. This was pretty much my main event (in my mind). To be in the same room with the man, to hear him provide motivating and inspiring words was truly a blessing and a dream come true (well, a dream since I started with T25 back in January 2014).

Meeting my upline team was awesome too. I found a great friend in my roommate, and she is also my soul sister. I haven’t laughed that hard over the amount of days we spent together, in a long time. We clicked from the minute we met and it was nice hanging with someone who was ready to leave when I was ready to leave.

All in all, it was a great time and a great learning experience. It has given me the desire to want to grow my business and my team and to be a great leader. I’m going to set some goals and start working towards achieving them.

New products!!!!!! NEW PRODUCTS!!!!

First and foremost


One of the most exciting workout programs to come out in a while is CIZE!! It’s FANTASTIC and so much fun!! Best yet, you don’t have to do burpees!!! If you like dancing, this is definitely for you. I still have 3 available spots for my August 3rd challenge group!! Order your copy today!!

*** Anyone purchasing the Cize Challenge Pack will recieve a $10 Amazon e-Card from me.

*** Anyone who purchases a challenge pack and signs up as a Coach will receive the Fixate Cookbook from me!

Next up….

Shakeology Boosts (Available today, July 21st)!!!

Focused Energy, Digestive Health, Power Greens!!!

Read more about them here:

And last but not least (I put these in the order they’re available)

Beachbody Performance Line: Available July 22nd

I’m most excited about this line. I’m very intrigued by the Hydrate and Recharge. Once I finish my current batch for E&E I’ll order the Energize. I’ve heard great things about the Recover as well (a chocolate protein shake). Many have told me the chocolate flavor is amazing and delicious. I have a sample pack at home of each of the below items, minus creatine. I’ll post a blog about my experience with each of them and my thoughts.

The performance line can be purchased separately or there will be 3 bundles available:

1. Energize and Recover

2. Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge

3. Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, Creatine

Next Challenge Group – August 3rd!!

Are you up to make a change and challenge yourself?

My next group starts August 3rd. This week sees the release of the new 21 Day Fix Fixate Cookbook and CIZE!!

The first 5 people to purchase challenge packs will receive a free a $10 e-card to Amazon.

Added Bonus, ALL who purchase a challenge pack from me will be put in a drawing to receive the Fixate cookbook!!!

Both offers good now through the end of July!!

Fill in the form below if you’re interested in more information!!! 

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