You are a Badass

jen sincero who you areJust finished “You are a Badass” by JenSincero. I should say I “finally” finished it… It was a great personal development book for me to read. Insightful and inspiring.

A year ago I probably would not have started reading personal development books if I hadn’t signed up as a Beachbody Coach. Personal development is one of the things highly promoted for coaches. I’ve always been one to check out this section in a Barnes & Noble (then google the cost of the book on Amazon because it’s usually cheaper) and I have always felt this “oh please don’t see me here… people will think I’m crazy for looking at self-help book!” On the other hand, I’ve always been intrigued by the human brain and body – and reading these type of books has helped me look inside myself to see what things I need to work on and where I need to tweak and how I can make my dreams come true.

I’m not an elite coach (yet), I’m not a diamond coach (yet) — diamond is my next goal as a coach. I’d like to be a 1-star diamond by Summit next July and be able to walk (and happily sweat/glow) on the field during the opening ceremonies. How cool would that be? Maybe even get to 2-star diamond and watch my business grow as I help more and more people and my team helps more and more people. I feel blessed to have my support system in Mark, he has been a constant positive in my life when it comes to career and education choices. His support with my decision to be a Beachbody Coach and his repetitive line of “Stop that, it’s all going to work out for you because you’ve got this!” has helped me to stay focused and keep plugging away.

I’m ready to start my next PD book — Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last”

What personal development are you reading? Are you putting into action the words from the book?