I’m so excited to finally have this blog up and running. I’ve known for awhile I needed to start a blog. It’ll help me share my thoughts, struggles and goal achievements with you, as well as hopefully give you some inspiration of your own to work towards your goals.

How did I come up with the title? You’re probably asking yourself this… I’ve had it in my head for a little while now. I was listening to a podcast, Your Kick-Ass Life with Andrea Owen, and in one of the episodes she mentioned how no one really talks about the unsexy side of weight loss. It’s always a “Here’s where I was, and here I am now! Boom! Sexy!!!” Well, we don’t go from overweight to sexy in a day. We have to work towards the goal, we have to get unsexy to get sexy, essentially.

After I finished the podcast, I’ve toyed with the idea of how to create a blog, that might one day appeal to the masses, and show the unsexy side of weight loss. Is there already one out there? I don’t know… if there is, that’s their story, this will be mine. Maybe I’ll have some guest writers who want to contribute their own unsexy weight loss journey; maybe it’ll only ever be me. Who knows, a lot can happen. Sometimes I may just link to a podcast I listened to and LOVED – whether it’s badass mentality related, weight loss, motivational, food intake, etc – it’ll depend on what the podcast is and how it affected me.

My goal is to post 1-2x per week, maybe more, maybe less depending on what’s going on – but minimum once per week.